Welcome to my website.

Nowadays, I divide my time between writing, helping unpublished writers to publish their books, and turning photographs and video clips into wonderful, living memories using the latest media technology.

I write fiction mostly. My preferred format is the short story, flash fiction in particular. (To write a complete story in less than 1000 words can be extremely challenging!) On the SHORT STORIES page there are examples of my shorter work. I trust you find them engaging.

I also enjoy writing novels and have completed four. In 2017 I have commenced my fifth, a story set in India in the years immediately prior to independence. Publication is scheduled for Autumn 2018. You can find extracts from the published novels and my non-fiction books on the BUY BOOKS page.

Whatever you feel after reading my work – good or bad – I would be delighted to receive your comments on my CONTACT page.

If you are a budding writer, there are some suggestions, recommended reading, and free material on the FREEBIES page.

Paul Chiswick for website

Arriving late autumn 2018 . . . India, 1946: rioting, bloodshed, the Raj in retreat. Jack Curran, a newly-recruited police sergeant in the Imperial Police, is implicated in a death in the Poona riots. Transferred to Solapur for his own safety, he falls for Channan Joshi, a Hindu girl, the daughter of a local politician. Channan’s father has promised her to a local firebrand: Channan has other ideas. Jack soon finds himself in trouble again. Set against the background of a country demanding its right to self-determination, yet cruelly divided by religious differences and ambitious politicians, Red Skies Over Solapur is a story of impossible love, snobbery, religious tension and social upheaval.