The Practical Guide to Self-publishing

The Practical Guide to Self-publishing
The Practical Guide to Self-publishing deliberately sets out with the intention of covering the subject somewhat differently. It makes the assumption that the desire to self-publish is not necessarily to make money, or even to publish a physical book at all. It may simply be to produce a keepsake for a family member or an eBook for digital distribution. Its primary aim is to demonstrate the stages of a self-publishing project step-by-step. We will work through two very different projects: a Book of Memories, and a Novel In order to understand how a book is produced – be it the traditional way or by self-publishing – I will describe the publishing process from drafting, through copy-editing, proofreading, cover design, typesetting and finally, printing. The tools and skills required for such projects will be discussed, highlighting those areas you may be confident to attempt, and those you may not . . .
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There are several excellent books available already on the subject of self-publishing, so why did I feel the world needed another one? It’s a good question and one to which I believe there is a good answer.

. Most self-publishing books assume the author’s motivation is to make money and structure the subject matter accordingly, putting a heavy emphasis on marketing and sales.

. Many self-publishing books assume the author’s intent is to publish a novel as opposed to any other form of printed document.

. Some self-publishing books focus more on the theory of self-publishing only touching briefly upon its practice.

. Few self-publishing books mention eBooks, an important and rapidly growing market for the self-published author.

. None of the books shows how to go about a self-publishing project in a practical and easily understood way.

In summary, most self-publishing books contain a wealth of information on what self-publishing is, why you should or should not consider it, and how it works in theory.

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