Paul Chiswick

Since my early teens I have read fiction avidly

I had written reports and feasibility studies much of my professional life. I thought writing fiction would be easy by comparison. I was mistaken.

I took up writing fiction seriously when I retired from corporate life in 2009 and  spent a whole year analysing different methods, tips and tricks employed in writing novels and short stories. Only then did I feel competent enough to put pen to paper in earnest. I embarked on my first novel, Through Glass Eyes, and learned a lot more along the way!

My preferred format is the short story, flash fiction in particular (to write a complete story in less than 1000 words can be extremely challenging!). Fortunately, I have been reasonably successful with my short/flash stories. Here is a list of my ACHIEVEMENTS. In the SAMPLE WRITING section there are several examples of my shorter work. I trust you will find them engaging.

I also enjoy writing novels and have completed four so far. I have begun research on my fifth, aiming for publication sometime in  2023.

You can find my published novels and short story books in the NOVELS/SHORT STORIES section.