Ever since my early years, I have been an enthusiastic reader. In my teens, I dreamed of becoming a famous writer like my heroes, John Steinbeck and Graham Greene. Then reality elbowed aside that ambition. I found myself destined for a completely different kind of career, one that drew more on numeracy than literacy.

I took up writing fiction seriously when I retired from corporate life. I passed an entire year analysing different approaches, and picking up tips and tricks employed in writing novels and short stories. Only then did I feel competent enough to put pen to paper in earnest. I embarked on my first novel and learned a lot more along the journey. After that first novel, I wrote three more. I really don’t know where I found the stamina!

Among the activities that now seem to fill my days, writing short stories and flash fiction comes high on my list. Short  fiction can be written without interfering with other activites, unlike the time sacrifice of a novel. Although I am considering writing another one!