Paul Chiswick


Through Glass Eyes

Ever wondered what your car thinks about you? Or about anything else, for that matter? If so, this autobiography of a 1975 Triumph Dolomite Sprint will go a long way towards satisfying your curiosity.

The Cigar Seed

ETA is back with a vengeance. They're planning their most devastating act of terrorism yet. But the Cubans have something ETA desperately needs to succeed . . .

Adolescent In Old Age

Neil Mather’s life is unravelling: a failing business, a sexual indiscretion, a threatened marriage. The banks refuse to bail his business out. He could ask his elderly father, Raymond, a man of means, to help him. But Raymond never shows any interest in Neil . . .

The Clovelly Wife

Shipwright Martin Colwill’s apprenticeship is coming to an end. Married to the most beautiful woman in Clovelly and buoyed by the prospect of a partnership in his employer’s business, it should be one of the happiest times of his young life. But all is not well . . .

Shorts For Christmas

12 short stories for Christmas - some to cheer, some to ponder, some to wonder.

Longer Shorts For Christmas

More Shorts for Christmas is the follow on of Shorts for Christmas. Stories to delight, amuse and provoke thought.